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Sweet Crisps

When seeking a better snack alternative, we are often faced with two unappealing options: Either a healthy snack that sacrifices taste or a tastier natural and organic snack that is loaded with fat or calories and has little nutritional value. Genisoy doesn’t believe you should sacrifice taste or nutrition. We think you’ll find our indulgent Sweet Crisps, savory Soy Crisps, and roasted Soy Nuts are great snacks that will satisfy your sweet and savory cravings. All of our snacks are packed with protein and are very modest in calories, fat, sodium, and carbs. Genisoy Snacks are a positively smart snacking alternative.

Sweet Crisps Variety 12-Pack

Sweet Crisps Variety 12-Pack [gen-vpswtc.jpg] - Click for Details
12-Pack (12 x 3.52 oz. bag) $35.88
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